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Gordon Hayward Jump Shot | Pro Shooting Form

Like how Gordon Hayward shoots the basketball? Wanna develop his shot mechanics, form, and techniques? Look at Gordon Hayward’s regular season and playoff stats below and see how lethal (or weak) his actual shooting accuracy compared to the greatest shooters of all time.

Gordon Hayward Regular Season Shooting Stats

Gordon Hayward played a total of 734 games in the NBA at an average of 31.1 minutes per game. He averaged 15.6 points per game with a true shooting percent of 56.8%, which is much higher than the average NBA player.

It’s simple: Gordon Hayward will go down as one of the best regular season scorers and shooters in NBA history.

  • Career field-goal accuracy: 45.3%
  • Career 3-point accuracy: 37.1%
  • Career free-throw shooting: 82.6%
  • Career Effective Field Goal percentage: 51.2%
  • Career True Shooting percentage: 56.8%

Learn how to shoot like Gordon Hayward

Should you invest time in learning to shoot like your favorite NBA players?

Yes and no.

Yes, you can steal parts of Gordon Hayward’s shot form. What is his BEEF basketball shooting process from start to finish? Which mechanics give him an advantage? How can you put it to test and practice? Steal, but maintain your own originality to develop your own natural form.

No, you shouldn’t try to steal the whole form from start to finish. Each player’s jumper or free throw motions are as unique to them as DNA. What works for him won’t work for you, and you will never find your natural form.

So, study all the great scorers and shooters like Michael Jordan, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Kyle Korver, Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, and Kobe Bryant. See what they do best. What they do different. How it suits their body type, playing position, and the defense they face nightly.

When you find specific mechanics you like, perform form shooting practice for at least 3 shooting workouts, minimum 100 shots per workout, ideally 500. Test the new mechanics and decide if it’s for you before it becomes a permanent habit and your form evolves.

Ultimately, how well you shoot the basketball in real games against highly-difficult competition is what matters.

Video Tutorials on shooting like NBA players

How Bradley Beal, Jayson Tatum and other NBA players shoot.

Good advice on shooting form from Drew Hanlen.

Ray Allen on shooting Game Shots and Self-Correction

Steph Curry Shooting Form In-depth Tutorial

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