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Every Child’s Basketball Academy

Every Child's Basketball Academy

Mission Statement

To encourage the development of a growth mindset in kids and young adults, aspiring to become lifelong students of the game of basketball.


Founded in 2014, ECBA Hoops gives children and young adults an online outlet to go broader and deeper into the world of basketball. Its founder, Raj Shah was born in India, and raised in Chicago. Growing up as the son of immigrant parents, he took and missed his first jump shot in a fifth grade gym class. The urge to “make the shot” sparked a lifelong love and a deep interest towards the game. From 6th grade through high school, year after year, he tried out for the basketball team. He never made it. Lucky for him, basketball never stops in Chicago. Over the next 20 years, it drove him down the path of self-learning and becoming a coach and a student of the game.

He understands that most casual players, like him, go through life without ever receiving a proper basketball education due to a variety of personal circumstances: we struggle with injuries, we struggle with school, we struggle with confidence, we struggle with money, or we struggle with stereotypes (race, gender, height, weight). Either that or we’re simply not as good as the dozen players that make the team. The majority of us then miss out on the opportunity for a coach to teach us or a skills instructor to train us to play the game the right way.

By deeply studying the game of basketball from pro players, coaches and trainers, and obtaining his USAB (Youth Basketball coaching) license, Raj uses ECBA Hoops as his creative outlet through which he can teach all the kids that want the opportunity. shares training material in the form of blog posts, illustrations and videos that provide tips, facts and stories on basketball, while also offering training equipment that accelerates skills development.

ECBA Hoops is a benefits corporation (half business, half not-for-profit) that exists to build an online academy, giving every kid easy access, actionable advice, and the opportunity to adopt and develop a growth mindset on all things basketball.

Projects and Resources

Check Ball – a basketball community that shares questions, answers and stories 

Shooting Guide – on how to shoot a basketball properly

Ball Handling and Dribbling Guide – on how to take care of the rock 

The Basketball Bookshelf – a collection of the best basketball reads

DRose4MVp – a Derrick Rose Fan Page launched during the 2010-11 Season

Hoopy Basketball India – A Fan Page to promote Basketball in India

PreSchoolRock  – An Amazon superstore for basketball essentials

Green Collar Chicago – An initiative to develop Green Jobs in the Midwest