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Steph Curry Jump Shot

The #1 Lesson from Steph Curry’s Jump Shot

We all know about Steph Curry’s ridiculous jumper, but did you know that in high school, he had to change his form altogether?

Like many small(er) guards who have difficulty getting a clean shot off against tighter, taller defenders because they shoot from the hip, literally, Steph Curry came to a crossroads. To take his chances and keep the form he grew up to or alter it altogether and give himself the best chance to compete at the high school, college and pro levels.

Y’already know he took the route that most of us wouldn’t because of the countless hours of effort, frustration and repetition one has to go through in order to completely revamp a jump shot. Changing a habit materialized by hundreds of thousands (yes, that’s 6-figures plus # of shots a player like Curry put up in just his childhood and teenage years) of repetitions is not as simple as looking at an jump shooting training guide and making the adjustments. You don’t go from smoking thousands of cigarettes to smoking none.

If there’s one thing to take away from Steph Curry’s jump shot, it isn’t that he pulls his trigger in microseconds or that his arc makes St. Louis proud, or that his shot is fit for a West Coast offense, but that anyone can change their form and technique if they truly choose to and shut up many doubters along the way. Critics keep looking at his height as a prerequisite for success at the pro level and that’s why his stock dropped in the NBA draft, even after he single-handedly took Davidson deep in the tournament unexpectedly.

However, when you adjust the mechanics to combat any defense, you can be successful not only as a shooter but as an all-around ball player, which is the best compliment one can give Steph Curry and not pigeonhole him as just a pure shooter like we do Ray Allen or Kyle Korver. He’s that, and more.

Stephen Curry Shooting Drill with Curl from on Vimeo.

Also, he uses the Shotloc, which is an everyday tool like a hammer, which any jump shooter can see immediate benefits from.