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Basketball Shooting Technique & Form

A search for the most perfect technique or the most proper form in shooting a basketball is the most popular on Google by basketball players – guards, forwards and bigs – worldwide, likely stemming from the common textbook advice: that a perfect form and technique is the way to accurate shooting. Examples like the postures of Ray Allen, Kyle Korver and Steph Curry are then dissected and recommended for aspiring marks(wo)men to replicate through practice.

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How to become a better rebounder

Mastering the art of rebounding the basketball is a combination of positioning, blocking out, effectively reading the carom of the basketball and desire. Great rebounders like Charles Barkley, Moses Malone, Kevin Love and Tim Duncan aren’t born; they are made through hard work, intensity and an innate understanding of positioning and where the ball is likely headed. The best rebounders are not always the biggest or most athletic players on the court.

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