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Basketball Shooting Tip for shooting from farther range

If you want a drill that will drastically improve your jump shot, just try this one.

Shoot from within. Repeat x1000 each session.

That dotted arc at point-blank range – from 2-5 feet away from the rim – that’s the money spot. I don’t mean layups. I mean shots, jump shots and stationary. They’re not as easy as you think and they’re more helpful than you could ever imagine. Those areas will help you develop your form – from the catch, the grip, the raise, the backward extension, the forward extension, the release, the follow through. You’ll analyze your shot with a microscope as you take these shots, something you can’t do from mid-long range.

Try to increase your arc to a point, where you’re not only making shots, but you’re swishing them without even touching rim. All net.

Then you’ll slowly realize that the mid-range and long-range will come much easier. Most people start from outside and continue to go further out. If you’re smart, you’ll go up close.

If you struggle knocking down shots, and have one of those off games, get layups, short jumpers and free throws and regain your form.