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What’s the BEEF Concept?

BEEF is a memorable acronym that describes the ideal shooting mechanics, from start to finish.

B is for Balance.
E is for Elbows.
E is for Eyes.
F is for Follow-through.

This is a quick 4-step process that you can check off against during games you can’t find your shot. Chances are your error lies in one of these 4 areas which can be broken down further into tinier detail:

Balance – When you catch or pick up the ball to get in your shot, you should start low. You should plant both feet to the floor. Your shoulders and your toes should be squared and lined up with the rim, left to right.

Elbows – Once you have your head to toe balance, you should get your elbows tucked in under the ball and into your shooting motion (pocket). On the way up, the shooting arm elbow should line up straight with the center of the rim and the non-shooting arm elbow should be in the position that most naturally guides the trajectory of your shot.

A 90 degree angle made from one elbow to the other with the ball in the center, while balanced gives you an option to shoot, to drive or to pass with precision.

Eyes – The best move in basketball is the fake and the best way to do a shot fake is through the BEE. You balance feet, lock your elbows, raise up with the hips, the eye brows and the head. Everything but the shot.

If you’re committed to the shot, your eyes should be on the top of the center of the rim. You have to see where the shot is going every time before it ever leaves your hand and the eyes must freeze afterward as you follow through. Deflecting your eyes changes the direction of your follow through.

Follow-through: the follow-through is the extension of the flick of the wrist as the ball flies off your hands. Remain upright head to toe as you land (i.e., freeze), and keep the arm locked through until the ball hits the rim.

The follow through gives you the best chance to control, and make your shot, even if you messed up one of the earlier steps, making it the most important one in the process.