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Bully Ball – What is it and How to Play

What is bully ball in basketball?

Bully ball is a basketball strategy to create easy scoring opportunities through brute force over smaller defenders, especially in the post. Examples of players who excel at bully ball include Shaquille O’neal, Zach Randolph, Marc Gasol, Joel Embiid, Zion Williamson, Kawhi Leonard, and other dominant players.

How do you play bully ball in basketball?

Centers and Power Forwards play bully ball by aggressive post-up moves or by strong drives to the basket. Even bigger wing and guard players can engage in bully ball when guarded by smaller players on defense.

How do you defend against bully ball?

The best way to counter against bully ball play is to play smart help defense as a team. Avoid leaving an individual defender “on an island” to prevent a bigger, physical player from backing down your teammate with little resistance. Off-ball defenders need to help with the weak side defense to counter. Individual defenders need to play strong defense by getting physical and standing their ground by intelligently using their body to stay low, firm, and resistant. You can also use the zone defense to swarm the bully and force the ball out of his / her hands.